Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meet the Missionaries we had the priviledge of spending time with!

Pastor David and Twinkle Zavala and their two lil' beauties from Calvary Chapel Nairobi. They are our hosts.

Tom and Cheryl Rees are Missionaries with FRM. (Elva and Eunice were honored to be a part of their picture.) :)

Eric and His lovely Bride and beautiful child are in the middle of this picture!

Arie and Nacima and their children arrived Aug. 20! They were with us in California for our Missions Concert! What a Joy to see them here!

Erica Fye is a SWEET, SWEET sister serving in Kitgum, Uganda.

We had the privilege of spending a short time with our sweet sister,Vicky Bentley of FRM, whose picture is not available.

Please pray for these missionaries. They are servants of Jesus and our brothers and sisters. They have needs. They have prayer requests. Please be an encouragement to missionaries. They are hands and feet of the body of Christ. Let us not neglect our missionaries, but come alongside and encourage them in all things.

Monday, August 25, 2008

#5: Out of Africa - A Summary of the Mission - This is a long one!

Monday Morning: We sat on the stage on our first day of Vacation Bible School. A few days before, we had gone into the slums behind CC Nairobi. Brent and Mike and the guys from CC Nairobi went out on Saturday to hand out more.

When we say "slums", we are describing an area where people live. Their homes are made of tin. Some have dirt floors. Some have concrete floors. Some have 1 or 2 or 4 chairs. Some have a couch or two. Some have a pretty curtain dividing the sleeping area from the sitting area. Some don't. One had a toilet in their home. Others share a sort of "outhouse" with their neighbors. None have running water. All have amazing hospitality.

Our brothers and sisters from Calvary Chapel welcomed us into their homes. Some had the time to make us tea (Kenyan tea, of course...we're in Kenya) and some made us food when time allowed. Many shared their prayer requests with us, and some went into debt buying special treats for us to eat.

When we drove by in the "MATATU" (a taxi/van) with Samuel, our Kenyan brother in the Lord, we looked at the people and smiled. Every person we smiled at... perhaps they were having a difficult day-- perhaps they hadn't sold fruit today yet to pay for their rent, or handbags to pay for their food-- perhaps their brother, sister, daughter had just died from aids... whoever it was-- a HUGE smile would appear across their face. If we were walking down the street, a pleasant greeting, "Harbari" (How are you?)--- on the most serious face, a smile appeared with the word, "Mazuri." (Fine).

The children would chase the Matatu down the dirt roads of the slums screaming, "How are You? How are You? Some of us would stick our hand out the window screaming, "Fine!" "Fine!" They call us, Muzungus...white people. :) It was such an endearing term, especially when the children used it, and asked "How are you, Muzungu?"

So, there we were: at the beginning of Vacation Bible School - First Day. 300+ children stared at us, while a summary/message by Fred (who happens to be the piano player at church) in Swahili was given after a few group worship songs and the drama by an amazing brother, CHRIS (who happens to have a great CD and ministry to children!)

We looked out at the beautiful sea of faces. It dawned on us, like a beautiful summer morning that we could VERY WELL be staring at this country's next leader. This leader, however, would have a heart for Jesus to bring justice, to take care of the widow and the orphan, to live a life worthy of the calling as a follower of Jesus Christ whose main focus would be to share the Love of Jesus in order that all men-- people everywhere would be saved.

The day before, Sunday - we worshiped with our church family, Calvary Chapel Nairobi. Brent and Elva led worship with Steve, the Jimbay percussionist. We interchanged between English and Swahili with our worship team singing English and Morris (guitar/sang), Nelly (sang), Phineas (sang), Mildred (sang), Fred (piano), and Steve (percussion) who provided an AWESOME time of worship in Swahili. Brent preached that Sunday morning starting our study in James on "GRACE AND UNITY". He had an entire chapter prepared, and the Lord provided only time for versus 1-3. We could have all stayed for more, but the Lord knew what He had in mind...

Grace and Unity was something we as a team came here with and yet, in God's wonderful way of sanctifying us, were challenged with as a team (Don't worry-- it was awesome). Of course, if you're going to preach it, the Lord will speak to you first. :) That is exactly what He did. It was so beautiful to see the Lord working in each of our hearts in order for us to understand, as fully as we can at this stage of our lives, what grace and unity are all about.

There were so many opportunities to extend Grace to each other for the unity of the team. It was an awesome test of our faith and trust in the Lord. On our last meeting with the women's ministry, "Rabuna Fi", we were really able to share from a vulnerable place, what it means to trust in the Lord. Robin shared her experiences with the women, and the Lord really used her testimony to minister to the women that last day.

Melissa and Robin were able to share in the women's ministry on Sat., Wed., and Fri, Rabuna Fi-- a word from the scriptures. It was a sweet time with our sisters as we all prayed for one another on our last day.

The guys, Mike and Brent and all the Calvary Chapel Nairobi brothers, were able to get into the Matatu on our last "ministry" day, and visit each other's homes. A couple of us gals, were able to tag along at the end, because of our word to do our best to visit our brother, Phineas's home. We were welcomed by our brothers with much love. We were so grateful. All the "Home Visits" were especially memorable.

The "Home Bible Fellowship" that Phineas taught at was absolutely led by the Lord and the teaching was so anointed. We were honored to be welcomed and invited to listen to the message. People overflowed from the front room out the door as the study progressed. It reminded us of the early church days, spoken of in Acts.

Everyday from Mon-Thurs, Mike and Brent alternated the Bible study on "Grace and Unity" in a study through James. Brent and Elva led worship the first two nights. The next two nights, Morris and Steve, Fred, and Mildred led worship.

Brent and Elva had several opportunities to just sing and play and worship the Lord with the worship team at CC Nairobi. It was such a sweet time of fellowship. We learned Swahili songs, which Brent DID PLAY on our last Sunday. Unfortunately, Elva lost her voice on Wednesday - the very day she did the worship seminar for the worship team. So, that was the end of all singing for her. We didn't worry about it too much, however. Why? The Lord is sovereign and He knows what He has for Elva. She continued to worship God with her heart-- her lips could only lip sync the rest of the week. :) But she was definitely "making melodies in her heart." - That quote is an inside joke for the team. Ask one of them about it - they'll tell you what that's all about.

Make sure when you ask about "Making melodies in my heart" you tell 'em, "Thumbs Up".

Everyday we ate in: breakfast, lunch and dinner by Eunice was amazing. It was always exciting to see what tasty morsels she would prepare. We had the opportunity to eat out a few times: Carnivore: meat on a stick slid down onto your plate. From Chicken Liver to Crocodile. Yes, I think all of us tried the Crocodile. Ethiopian Restaurant: We sat with our brothers and sisters that we served with in VBS to a very tasty Ethiopian meal where we ate with our fingers from one dish. Karen: the Out of Africa home of Karen where we took a walk in the garden and enjoyed the tall trees, swing, blue skies, and fresh air. Java House: where we enjoyed a great cup of Joe, or Americano, or good 'ole double-shot of espresso.

Every night, (for the most part) we had the opportunity to "debrief." We talked about the events of the day; what the Lord was showing us; sharing from our hearts any concerns and prayer requests. We had some real moments of vulnerability, real moments of tension, and real moments of grace and unity in the midst of all of it.

Also, the night before, Robin made sure we got together to prepare for VBS the next morning. VBS everyday, went VERY well. God completely glorified Himself. We loved the children so much and grew so attached to them. It was a joy to get to know their personalities. Some of us had younger children. Some of us had older children. Some of us had a mixture. All of the children, though, had such respect for their "Teachas." For days, whenever we would ask the children a question, the team heard "Cha", "Cha", "Cha" being yelled from the children. Finally on Day 3 of VBS, a couple of us caught on that they were actually yelling, "Teacha" or teacher. :)

It was little things like that, that make our experience in Nairobi, Kenya - with the beautiful people in Africa that are outside of YOU, the reader's, realm of experience.

Something we've been made aware of when we go back home, is that "You" the reader have not experienced what we have experienced. Therefore, you may read this excerpt, be excited about reading it, but walk away and forget about it. This is understandable. This is somewhat expected.

Our hope through this blog is one that is covered and will be covered in prayer. We have attached, and will continue to attach the pictures of the people we encountered and of the experiences we were able to photograph for you. However, unless your own experience in reading this blog is not covered in prayer for the people and missionaries of this blog... it will be very difficult to connect with the people and experiences this blog seeks to draw you into.

Our heart is that you would be stirred for missions to:
1) Proclaim to the Lord: "Here I Am, Send Me" AND I WILL PRAY
2) Lord, Here I am - I will Send someone with the finances you have given me or support those on the mission field WHILE I cannot be there -- and I WILL PRAY!

Our GREATEST hope and desire, is that you would help us to pray for our brothers and sisters both missionaries and those serving the Lord locally here in Africa.

Africa is on the verge of something grand, something great in the Lord. We've stated it before, Prayer is not preparation. Prayer is the Work.

Do you want to be a part of what God is doing in the world to bring about His will that all men be saved? Let's do this together. Let the Lord stir up your heart. We asked how the Lord would keep us in a place of NOT FORGETTING what He has done here... for Africa, AND IN EACH ONE OF US... His answer came by way of our team leader, Brent. Pray. That is the work. So, that is what we are committed to doing.

Stay tuned. Prayer meeting for missions to be announced in the coming weeks. It will be a commitment on our part to be faithful to meet together on a regular basis.

"Pray that the Lord of the Harvest will send the laborers." Are you willing to do this work with us? Are you willing to allow the Lord to stir your heart?

There is so much more to be said of the trip, but unless you come, it would be so hard to give you the full grasp. We hope what we have said would stir you up to forget the things of this world, and hold on, to what is eternal.

In our Savior, Jesus Christ - who died and rose again and will come again,
Brent, Mike, Melissa, Robin, and Elva

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vacation Bible School

Here we are "Staring at the sea of beautiful faces" our first day of VBS. We've also posted a picture of one of the groups of kids.

We had 10 groups: A and B, (blue, red, yellow, white, green).
We had 20 teachers/helpers.
We had 350 to 400 children come on any given day.
We played games, did crafts, sang, performed dramas, and Elva, Melissa, Brent, and mike taught a lesson on each of the four days.
Meshak and Fred translated.
Steve, Joyce, Nelly, Chris and a few others participated in the dramas and leading songs of praise and worship.

More Pictures of our time here...

Ethiopian Meal together and the Home Fellowship Bible Study! We'll try to post a picture of Phineas who leads the study!

A few pictures of our time here...

Freedom in Christ Concert night - Elva met up with Esther Moonzwe's sister in Nairobi!
Robin and Damaris sat together and fellowshipped at Rabuna Fi.
Melissa and Elva were welcomed into Monica's home along with Nelly and Phineas as their guide and facilitators of the Home Visit -- such a sweet time of prayer and testimony!
Melissa loved on many of the children!

Freedom in Christ

The Freedom in Christ Concert was a blast. The Lord had given Elva a song two days before we left for Africa. It was the first song she sang, and she called the whole team up to sing it, as we had been singing it for a couple of days together.

The Lord surprised everyone - including Elva (because she remembered) when she sang the chorus of her song "Send me" in Swahili. "Happa Nipo, Buana, Ni Tume." When she asked that only those who were serious about the Lord using them to raise their hands to the sky and sing it from their hearts - almost everyone was lifting hands to the sky crying out, "Here I am, OH God! Send Me!" It was very moving. It was very much the Lord.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

#4: Half-way Across the World – South of the Equator

We spent two hours at the Nairobi Airport getting through immigration, customs, and the sea of bags littered everywhere in Baggage Claim. Despite getting only 8 of 11 bags, we remained in great spirits. It became too exciting, not to be excited…we are in Kenya!

Our accommodations at the Far Reaching guest house were far better than we expected. We met Pastor David and Twinkle Zavala and their two lil' beauties from Calvary Chapel Nairobi. They are our hosts. Tom and Cheryl, Erica and Vicky, of Far Reaching Ministries are also here for a time. Taking care of us (making wonderful food and serving us with such love) are Joyce and Eunice, ladies who attend and serve at CC Nairobi. They greeted us with warm breakfast upon our arrival from the airport.

After our morning security briefing and a sweet time of prayer, we headed out to lunch where we had Italian—that’s right. We’re in Kenya and we had pizza. ☺ We all shared a few pizzas and laughed a considerable amount—this is nothing new.

Calvary Chapel Nairobi sits on Ngong Road in Nairobi Kenya on the road to Karen. Immediately upon meeting our Family in Christ at CCN, we were instant childhood friends as there was a kindred spirit amongst us—the Lord’s, no doubt. We hit the ground running. Our new-found brothers and sisters then led us into the slums where we handed out Freedom in Christ Concert and Vacation Bible School invitations to as many adults and children as possible (1000 total). The team jumped to action, but we all agreed that Brent, Team Leader, came alive as he greeted each person or group. It was so exciting and encouraging seeing each team member using the gifts God has given them to minister to people as we met them on the dirt roads and near their patchwork homes.

Funny thing, the children…they wanted more than one flyer. We tried explaining that these weren’t tickets, but all could come. Paper or no paper. “No more for you, you just come on Monday!” ☺

We came back to the guest house where dinner was waiting for us (Thank you Eunice and Joyce!) We then sat around and shared with one another all that God was teaching us and showing us from the day. Walls came down and our vulnerability to Jesus and to one another in Christ was so very revealing and encouraging. The Unity that God has brought the team cannot be described with words. We know this is a Unity that God is desiring for His Church as a whole.

We are praying that the heart for the lost--that God is giving us: a heart to do more than just throw up a prayer, now and again, for people of the world; a heart that is full of compassion and is seeking that God would use us individually and as a group; a heart to care for people we have never met by supporting ministries that are out in the field; a heart to be a part of the Salvation God will bring when the laborers are sent out to Harvest—we are praying that as you read just a snippet of what we are experiencing, you would be moved and the fire in your heart would be stoked in the same way God is moving in us.

We have shed tears, hugs, laughter, prayer, Bible Study, and songs. We are standing on the front lines of something great: something that only our God is capable of. Where does God want you? Are you running from a calling? God has impressed upon us to heed the call and submit in obedience: that is where we find His freedom. We are here to be used. He will use us wherever we are. Ask Him to give you a passion for the lost: to forsake your own hopes and dreams for the Hope of eternal life, not just for you, but those He calls you to.

Pray for Brent: that God would heal his cold.

Pray for Mike: that God would continue to stir up the gifts in Him and give Him a stoked fire that cannot be quenched.

Pray for Melissa, Elva, and Robin: that the Lord would use them to minister to the women of Rabuna Fi.

#3: Los Angeles to San Francisco to London to Nairobi.

We thought checking in at Los Angeles would be costly and difficult because of all of the tubs and luggage we were taking for Vacation Bible School. However, God granted us favor in the way of Kym from United. If the internet signal is strong enough, we’ll post a pic of her. ☺ It was off to SFO where we met “Minnie” and shared how much God loves her. We also shared Jesus with Justice and Ose along the way.

Eight hours after we'd left San Francisco, we were in London. We had the opportunity to take the tube to Piccadilly. For lunch, we shared fish'n'chips, shepherd's pie, still water, and LOTS OF LAUGHTER at an English restaurant.

On our plane to Nairobi, we fellowshipped with one another and caught some desperately needed shut-eye, though most of us only caught a few hours of sleep. We watched (via the Plane Tracker on our screens) with great anticipation as our plane flew into Africa. As we neared Nairobi at 6:00AM, we caught the beginnings of a beautiful African Sunrise. As we touched down in Nairobi on Friday Morning, 10 hours ahead of California, excitement grew in each one of us. Upon landing, we climbed the stairs down onto the tarmac where we proceeded to walk down taxiways in no particular order or line… just a mob of folks exiting the aircraft. We took the opportunity to take our first pictures in Africa.

When we say we shared laughter. We mean it. It has been so fun and just iron sharpening iron on our journey to Africa. With so much unity and love for one another in Jesus, we can only venture to say, that we are expecting one exciting journey—Into Africa.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray for the faith to use the gifts and abilities that God has given us - Spiritual gifts, that we would walk in boldness, becoming FREE to love the people here with no apprehension or fear, but with power, love, and sound-mind.

Please Pray for Brent, he is teaching Sunday Morning: that God's word would cut deep into every heart, and that His word would not return void, and that Brent would be the mouthpiece and vessel God uses.

Please Pray that Mike's luggage is found and is returned to us.

Please Pray for Brent and Elva, they are leading worship Sunday morning with Steve the drummer, one of the guys from CCNairobi: that God would use them to take the hands of the people and be ushered in, together, into God's presence.

Please Pray that Melissa is healed from her cold.

Please Pray for Elva: She will be doing the Freedom in Christ Concert on Sunday evening: that the worship and songs would seep deep into the hearts of all those whose ears hear the words and music; that the Holy Spirit would reach down into the depths of their souls and cause them to turn from their sin, into everlasting life in Jesus; and for the Christians, that they would be enboldened and cry out, "Here I Am, Send Me!"

Please Pray that Robin is filled with God's Spirit as she prepares to teach on Wednesday and heads up the Vacation Bible School on Monday!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

#2: Meet the Team: Read about how God called and led them to Africa.

Meet Elva:
As I prepare to go to Nairobi, Kenya with my church family, Calvary Chapel Beach Cities and Far Reaching Ministries -- extended an extra week with World Harvest -- I don't think I can prepare myself for WHAT I will see. The Lord has been working in several areas of my heart and life, and trusting Him - even when life presents itself in ways I would never orchestrate. God, however, is the conductor of the life - the composer, creator, and ultimate sovereign one, and if we simply MOMENT BY MOMENT put our hope and trust in Him, life will unfold before our eyes in ways we could never expect. When stormy days and tumultuous waves crash against our comfy boat -- Jesus asks if we have the faith to continue to trust in Him.

The Calvary Chapel Missions Conference in Murrietta proved to be a turning point in my life: with three different people who did not or barely knew me prayed for me concerning Africa and one prayed concerning serving a particular religious group. Two weeks after that, I was contacted by World Harvest whose ministry involved both groups. 8 months after the conference, I find myself going to Africa.

The Lord didn't put in on my heart to send letters to ask for support in going: not this time. In fact, I felt very strongly that I was NOT to write letters for this particular mission's trip. The last week before the funds were due, I resigned to not going, as I had not raised all the funds. I even told a few people I wasn't going... when I learned that... the funds were in, and I WAS GOING!

So, Jesus has made it very clear that He is leading me, and off to Africa is where I am headed. My husband, Brian, who is unable to go, has been my greatest encouragement and cheerleader for what God is about to do. There is nothing, I in myself, have to offer those I am going to serve. It is only Jesus in us, that pours out His Life and Love through us, when we are empty of ourselves. Praying, spending time with Jesus, and fellowshipping with those I'll be serving with, is my only means of truly preparing. While I am catching up on the culture and devastation of these areas, it the Lord working through me by the power of His Holy Spirit that His ULTIMATE plan will be accomplished.

Please pray for our team...to that end. That Jesus would be lifted up and that we would TRULY be His hands and His feet.

What is it that God is calling you to do? Are your eyes open to make the most of every opportunity? Have you shared your faith with someone recently? Ask God to give you the opportunity AND the boldness through the Holy Spirit to speak out in faith. If you ask this, you truly will see Him answer. For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (or fear), but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline (or sound mind). (2 Timothy 1:7 NIV/NKJV).

Meet Brent:
His Story Coming Soon.

Meet Robin:

Her Story Coming Soon.

Meet Melissa:
Praise the Lord for all that HE has done to get me on HIS way. He gets all of the GLORY for this trip. I am so excited to see how He will work amongst our team and stretch me beyond my reality to more of His.

He started to prick my attention toward a short term mission trip by way of multiple friends who are either in full time ministry or have had the opportunity to take a short term mssion trip. My desire started to build as I vicariously experienced the blessings they received from serving Him in a bigger way. My church, Calvary Chapel Beach Cities, announced that we were planning to send a team on a short term trip initially to the Ukraine. I was on board...wherever the Lord wanted to send us. Somehow these plans fell through which spurred the research and building of the trip to Africa.

As I began to pray, I realized that God had already provided for the BIG needs prior to me asking. In the process He revealed that this is completely in line with Scripture. Please take a look at Isaiah 65:23-24 which states "Before they call, I will answer them; and while they are still speaking, I will hear." and Genesis 24:15 "Before he had finished speaking, behold, Rebekah who was born to Bethuel the son of Milcah, the wife of Abraham's brother Nahor, came out with a jar on her shoulder." (It is better to read both in context) Practically, I am required to take ten consecutive days off of work which is exactly the period of the trip. This was a huge blessing because I would not incur resistance or put undue stress on my team at work. Second, I saw God provide for the financial means to send me on the trip very soon upfront. I received support from my family after initial concern due to the unrest in Nairobi. My mom considered an encounter with a candidate for a job at her clinic who is from Nairobi to be God's way of reassuring her directly. My dad had a similar reassuring encounter much later in the process. I am blessed that God works in such intimate, personal ways in order to meet our needs. He continues to display is character as his "El Roi" name displays in that He sees us right where we are and meets us. HE is a good God who is more than worthy to be praised.

Most importantly He confirmed His call on my life to go to Africa through Scripture. He brought me Isaiah 58:9-11 on three occasions. Please read the whole chapter for context, but the verses state, "Then you will call and the Lord will answer. You will cry and He will say, 'Here I am.' If you remove the yoke from your midst, the pointing of the finger and speaking wickedness, and if you give yourself to the hungry and satisfy the desie of the afflicted, then your light will rise in the darkness and your gloom will become like midday. And the Lord will continually guide you, and satisfy your desire in scorched places, and give strength to your bones; and you will be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water whose waters do not fail." Meeting the needs of the afflicted...going to the widows and orphans...meeting tangible, spiritual, emotional needs seems to beat very in-tune with the heartbeat of God. I feel blessed to get to see Him move in a way that is so important to Him. He confirms this thought in James 1:27 which states " Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep onself unstained by the world."

I have seen confirmation along the way which has increased my faith beyond measure. Some of these have been through friends who have confirmed the call on my life and committed to pray. THANK YOU! Your prayers and petitions are invaluable and the most important thing in God's economy. Another was a song by Caedmon's Call titled Two Weeks in Africa which resulted in a fellowship moment with the cashier and a song which basically describes our trip. I ask myself if this is coincidence? Probably not! Finally, direct answers to prayer through provision of jerseys for our sports camp and spiritual movement amongst my circle of influence. Please continue to pray for salvation.

I challenge you to take the time to get to know our God in an intimate way. HE is an amazing God of adventure, surprise, and amazement. Get quiet with Him, block out the cares, distractions of the world and let Him reveal HIS reality. It is beyond anything you could ever ask or imagine. The decision to follow Him as your personal Lord and savior is just the beginning of the exciting adventure He has planned for your life. Are you up for it?

Thank you for keeping our team in prayer as we embark on this trip. I truly do consider this to be a partnership in which God uses all parts of the body in order to effectively accomplish HIS purpose. You are just as much a part of the team as those of us going and we need you. I can't wait to come back and have amazing stories to glorify Him for His goodness and the great things He will accomplish on the trip.

Meet Mike:
His Story Coming Soon.

#1: Africa on the Horizon - Preparing to Go

Robin, 100% Deet, Grace, Pants, Brent, Tylenol, Skirts (for some of us), Rain Jackets, Melissa, Beads, Construction Paper, Smiley Faces, Unity, Microphone, Anticipation, Paper Noses, Holy Spirit, Prayers, Eyes, Bibles, Puzzles, Elva, Vacation Bible School Lessons, Mike, Sunscreen, and the Armies of the Living God.

What do the words on this list have in common? They are all going to Africa. In preparation for Africa, Vacation Bible School Lessons and Crafts have been put together by Debbie and Robin -- the rest of the team had the priviledge to join in the festivities by putting all their hard work into baggies.

Also in preparation, the team and many of you from Beach Cities Calvary, helped us host a Worship Concert to partner together in praying, sending, and worshiping together to ask the Lord to lead our trip Into Africa. Whereas there are movies about coming Out Of Africa, the blogs in these next few weeks will be about us going Into Africa. You'll learn daily what to pray for and read the stories of what God is doing in our midst.

So many of you have helped in so many ways. Some seen and some unseen. But know that our God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Your efforts have not gone unseen or unrewarded by Jesus.

Please watch the video in the link provided in this Blog so that you can pray WITH US for the REAL people and faces we will encounter. Until I watched the video about REAL people, it was only an idea, a word-Africa. Now, they are real people, with real pain; REAL hopelessness. We have seen a great Light. That Light is Jesus. We are asking Him to SHINE through us, that these very real hearts, would be open to a VERY REAL SAVIOR.

Please pray to that end.
Waiting and Watching--
Elva on behalf of The Journey of Five Missionaries (Brent, Mike, Robin, Melissa, and me)

Prayer is not preparation for the work. PRAYER IS THE WORK! (Oswald Chambers)

WATCH THE VIDEO NOW! http://tv.oneworld.net/article/view/156934/