Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dec. 8, 2011 - 7:00pm - Five O'Clock CD Release Party

I Asked
Lord, please send me help. I need people willing to share YOUR hands and feet in organizing this. Show me what YOU want for this CD Release Party. Where do you want to have it?
He Answered With People
Along came Jennifer Wallace, Event Planner, by recommendation of Massage Therapist RBODY Cassandra, who donated her gifts to help me run the Half-Marathon to raise money for the Medical Clinic with FACE of Harvest.
A handful of folks have also volunteered their gifts and abilities too.
With a Venue The Cove at Vanguard Univesity (Next to the Bookstore in the CENTER of Campus) Volunteers to make Desserts Desserts:My dear friends, the Brutlags, are amazing Foodies and volunteered to make delectable desserts! Kenyan Tea:My dear friend and sister who traveled with me to Kenya with FACE of Harvest is making KENYAN TEA!!!!! YAY! She ALSO is Kenyan, so this is LEGIT! I am STILL Asking for Help So HERE GOES
1. Photographers
2. Videographers
3. Set-Up
4. Clean-Up
5. Flash Mob (Singers/Drama) -- You come up with a "drama set to the music" and we'll hash it out at my house! :) Contact me with your video to one of my songs, and I'll let you know! :) Use your talents!
6. Sound Equipment and Sound person
7. Service napkins, plates, utensils
8. Gifts to Silent Auction off to raise money for the ongoing needs of the Medical Clinic in Kenya.
Other Foodies who are willing to contribute Hot drinks or appetizers for the evening.
Really excited about the opportunity to spend time with any and ALL of you whom God intends on being there! If you have a gift or talent and want to use it, this will be an amazing opportunity to do so. Lots of Love in Jesus and music, Elva

Monday, October 24, 2011

Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills Womens Retreat

This is the photo story I kept of my visit at Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills women's retreat. It was a beautiful time. There were so many amazing women that I was able to meet and talk with. My only regret is that I did not get to meet and sit and talk with everyone.

Love the time we spent as a group worshiping God. It was so sweet. It occurred to me, that though I was in front on the Piano leading, I was actually sitting in the audience to an amazing choir. This was all for God, and he let me sit in the front row. I felt very honored.

I stayed up late both nights talking and sharing, laughing and crying, but it was worth no sleep for what beautiful conversations and fellowship we had.

Sweet times.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A CD release party for 5 O'Clock!

I come to you now vocally by my iPhone. So if any of this looks a little weird, it's not me, it's me talking to my phone. My phone doesn't always know what I mean, but I'm not typing so I'm just speaking. It's a lot harder to do. But I digress.

I'm throwing a CD release party December 8, 2011. It will take place at Vanguard University of Southern California in The Cove. I am so excited and the event planner, Jennifer Wallace, is helping me to plan the event.

I have a few volunteers who have volunteered to help. I am hoping to find others who are willing to do the same. People who can get the word & invitations out, and bring a friend or two or three. I'll keep you posted on all that happens.

If you would like to help, yes you reading this blog right now, please send me an email. You can visit me on my Facebook music page, and let me know there too. Frye.

Not only will I be sharing some of the songs, but I will also talk about Face of Harvest and all that's happening there too. It's going to be a really fun night with a lot of fun people and great music, yummy desserts, and a lot of love to go around. I hope to see you there.

It's also close enough to Christmas, so if you want to pick up a few CDs for Christmas presents, you can do it there! We'll even have wrapping paper and bows for you to wrap your purchased CDs with.

I will be posting pictures of our last cd release party. It was a blast. So, put the date on your calendar December 8, 2011, at 7 PM in Southern California. Love, Elva

I couldn't help myself. I went back and made a few corrections that my iPhone didn't catch.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Scheduling a Northeast 2012 Summer Tour! The DO-IT-Yourself Step by Step way.

If you are following along with me in this blog, then you may want to know how one would schedule a tour.  This is provided you are not using a Booking Agency.  I definitely enjoy the interaction I have with people before the event, so for now, I am reaching out prayerfully on my own.  

If you have any contacts or wonderful places for me to share the music and ministry entrusted to me, please feel free to share and I will prayerfully consider and reach out!!!

Booking a Tour  (Not a complete list, I am sure.)
  Step 1: Pray
  Step 2: Keep Praying and have others do the same.  (continue reading for hands-on practical steps)
  Step 3: Determine a few base nights with people and/or church families who have the a similar heart and mission as you do.  
  Step 4: Start filling in other nights/dates and try to schedule them so you are not back tracking between cities within 1 to 3 hours.  Contact churches, cafes, ministries you would like to come alongside and join for an evening or even a morning.
  Step 5: Request a host family or accommodations in the area so that you can get to know the people and community and share in their work.  (Unless you are able to accommodate yourself in a hotel or with people you know.) and  request a healthy MEAL possibly for before or after the event.
Step 6: Determine what kind of transportation you will need - car, bus, suv.
Step 7: If possible, carry most of your own gear and instruments.  Whatever you don't need, just leave in the vehicle.  Better safe than sorry.
Step 8: Have a press kit available for the Venue/Church/Group 2 months in advance for each venue or ministry night, so that public service announcements can be made.
Step 9: You haven't stopped praying.
Step 10: Purchase any airline tickets to far destinations.  (Preferably not with money you don't have.)
Step 11:  Be ready for changes, cancellations, broken sound equipment, break downs (Get AAA), difficulties, joys, confusion, clarity, and most of all, be ready to be used by God wherever He leads you.
Step 12: Make sure you have enough CDs, merchandise, a portable table, CD Sales Table Decor, Credit Card swiper (or SQUARE - free, and only 2.75% fee),  Change, Means of collecting emails and CONTACT info with people you are kindred with!, rules for selling in other locales (i.e. taxes), and anything else you can think of (i.e. water, granola bars, hand soap for laundry!)

Nothing happens in a vacuum, so trust that God is guiding your steps no matter what the circumstances are or become.  

Prayer will keep you remembering you can TRUST the Lord with all of this. 
Prayer is the WORK!  Oswald Chambers

So, I'll keep you posted on how the scheduling goes for the Five O'Clock 2012 Northeast Summer Concert Tour!  :)  Please help me pray!