Thursday, July 26, 2012

God, can I go?... Off to Russia!

It was a pretty uneventful take-away. As always though, I expect a bit of adventure and moments that you can only trace back to "There is a God and He has revealed himself to us clearly."

It's exciting to think that God would include any of us in His plan for this world. His plans for this world are quoted so often from Jeremiah where He was speaking to the Jewish people. However, it is a promise I know that fits within his character for all people who put their hope in Jesus.

When I was invited to go to Russia again this summer, I begged the question, Lord, can I go?" Is that what you have for me to be a part of?

If you are asking God how He can include you in the BIGGER picture and His plan, He won't just throw you out there, He prepares you in every way.

Sometimes that means enduring various obstacles, lessons, difficulties, sorrows mixed in with Joys, triumphs, lessons learned, freedom which yield both the best of times and the worst of times.

But, if out of those times you can keep yourself from becoming angry with the circumstances or people in those circumstances to the point of a hard heart, bitterness, or unforgiveness, then you will find yourself in the middle of a real life Bible story where God begins unfolding your life and it's narrative is triumph in the midst of looming defeat., adventure, hope, and a certain awe of, "How is this even happening, Lord? I am nobody!"

Or, we can resign ourselves to a life of constant bickering with loved ones, ones we don't care to love, and a monotony of life mostly enjoyed by the animal kingdom: live, devour or be devoured, pro-create, and die. Except
for the fact that our destiny without truly seeking after God for His purpose and Call on our lives, leaves us with a loss of something special, wonderful, and beautiful to be a part of.

This wonder, beauty, and special undertaking comes with the cost of denying ourselves, our right to surrendering our rights and allow God to have the Glory and Vengeance that only He has the right to undertake. He is the one who paid all penalty for all sin, and He is the only one who has that right.

Surrendering ourselves means we can offer him all we are, long to be, and all we lack... It's coming to terms with who we are without Him. It's coming to terms with what is hidden in iur hearts that we dare not admit and hence, deem ourselves broken or imperfect. It's the sick who need a doctor! Be quick to recognize sin you don't want to acknowledge: bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, pride are ones that go on unnoticed.

Oh how I pray you and I would surrender ourselves so that He can use us as His loving hands and feet that being good news, and tongue that gives life through the sharing of His ability to rescue us from death and all that makes us fall short of Him.

He's calling you by Name... Will you respond?

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